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The People’s Summit: a simple online store

The People’s dorms

This year we were invited to collaborate with The People’s Summit; they needed a hand with some technology and we were happy to help! Our biggest job was building a custom system for their application and registration process. One of the smaller things we did was help them stand up a quick online store for conference attendees to book rooms. With over 4,000 people in attendance—and many needing financial help—having some less expensive (or free) places to stay was crucial. The dorms cost people roughly $32/night where the average hotel in downtown Chicago is about $240/night, making attendance at the conference possible for many more people.

We really want to applaud the staff for prioritizing accessibility instead of profit, especially considering their goal of supporting grassroots groups and community leaders and getting people ready to run for local office.
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5 Shapes for Training Without Being the Boss

This has been cross posted on Medium if you’re more into that platform.

I want to talk to you about an event Nati and Rich of the Loomio Cooperative/Enspiral Network from New Zealand facilitated in Asheville North Carolina. If you put on events I think you’ll find some juicy ideas that will take your work to the next level… but first a story about a garden in Brooklyn. Read more

Zine: overcoming white supremacy culture

Understanding White Supremacy

Wait? We’re talking about explicit racism here, right?

Not really…

white supremacy zineWe’re talking about implicit cultural practices that come from the dominant American culture that shift power to the those that are best at navigating that culture. Often times that’s white men (and women), but not always. In our work with clients, collaborators, and allies we encounter a lot of folks trying to solve what they think are technical or digital problems when they really have cultural problems.

Since we wanted to provide a meaningful offering to people at The People’s Summit this year, we formatted a little zine to give away to groups who may know—or suspect—that they have these kinds of problems. The original language comes from Dismantling Racism: A Resource Book for Social Change Groups.

You can download the full pdf for sharing or printing here or read on for the full text.

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We’re looking for a rad junior developer!

Our cooperative is looking for candidates for junior developers.

Candidates should have interest in leveling up their engineering skills and/or breaking into the world of code and web development. They will be working remotely (or potentially in-person) with a front end developer in Brooklyn and a designer/strategist in Denver. Together we have nearly 30 years of experience in our field with a focus on radical social justice and open source technologies.

Because we’re still getting started, they could expect work to be hourly on an as-needed basis…or they could bring in their own projects/clients into the fold. Candidates would collaborate directly with the rest of the coop on projects. Their responsibilities will be based on their current skills and their passions for leveling up their knowledge.

Details such as work expectations and pay will be negotiated with the applicants.

How we work

Get a sense of who we are, how we work, and what our practices are with clients by checking out our cultural norms.

Interested in joining us?

Email us at and answer the following questions:

  • What are you good at?
  • What do you want to become better at?
  • What do you love to do?
  • Why does working with a coop appeal to you?

Can’t wait to meet you!

Quick tip: How to escape at symbol @ in your FTP user name

I connect to a lot of servers. There are plugins to install, media to upload, configuration files to download. To do this I use FTP, or File Transfer Protocol. Normally I use FTP clients like Filezilla to connect to remote servers but often I find myself connecting with my text editor Atom using the remote-ftp package or, if I’m feeling nerdy, I’ll connect with my UNIX shell on the command line. The other day I ran into an issue while trying to connect because my user name was an email address and had an @ symbol in it. Due to how FTP works–I’ll explain more below–this @ symbol messed up my login attempt.

To fix this I simply replaced the @ symbol with a + plus. That’s it! But if you want to understand FTP a bit more…  Read more

Intro to Awesome Tables 3: Mapping user submitted data with Google Forms

In this tutorial we will learn how to create an online Google Form that feeds data into a Google Spreadsheet which will then be attached to an Awesome Table which will be configured to display the form entries as points on a map. These map markers will have popup tool tips that display other data from the spreadsheet. All of this will be dynamic, updating every time a new entry is submitted. Read more