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Boulder Food Shed

The background on the work

Boulder County, Colorado has a working group dedicated entirely to their local foodshed. The Boulder County Foodshed is,

“a new educational campaign formed by a coalition of business, government and non-profit leaders in Boulder County. Our goal is to balance our food system by promoting the increased production, consumption, and preservation of regional and local food options.”

After their formation and initial kickoff another group offered to build their website. And they made a lovely looking website, you can check it out here.

What we did

The Shed team approached us to inject some more interactivity into their site. The main calls to action weren’t clickable and had no other content associated with them. They were ready to write that next batch of content and up their online outreach game. We were happy to oblige.

Here’s what we made (sorry, you’ll have to check out their site to get the clickable version).

There were a few technical hurdles to overcome and some old content to republish in other places, but aside from that, it was an easy fix. We just had to create some new buttons in line with their existing brand, build a new page with anchor tags, and link the two together. Because their website hadn’t been updated in a while we also made sure to back up their site and fix some of the things that had popped up since their last look on the back end.

Up next

At some point we’d like to get in and create some custom content types for them, but the fire has been put out and the solution will hold for now.

Projects like this are always a great opportunity to inject some education and documentation for the group that’s requesting edits. In this case, the team that had originally built the site had changed significantly since it’s original launch and the folks at The Shed were missing some important information to be able to take ownership of their content. This happens a lot with our clients…so much so that we wrote a blog post about it over on Medium. We love giving people the tools to edit their own websites and happily help folks shift from passive user to empowered admin.

Resources on local agriculture

If you haven’t gotten involved in the local food movement, go ahead and take a peek at what’s going on in Boulder for inspiration and then check out some of these resources to get involved in your area:


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