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Deploy WordPress theme code to your server with git push

Here’s the setup: You’re a good little developer and you’re building your latest WordPress Theme using git to track your changes. You’ve got a local environment, where you develop and test edits to your theme file but you don’t have a good way to push those changes to the server. Yesterday, I was doing my development using git but relying on FTP to send updated files to the server. Today, I simply use git push. Here’s how:  Read more

Building a Custom Ticketing System with Free Tools

The People’s Summit 2017 asked Good Good Work to develop a ticketing system that could circumvent third-party websites such as Eventbrite while making the event more inclusive and diverse. While helping them save a pretty large sum of money, we also saved them a lot of time by automating parts of the system they didn’t think they could.

There were three main parts to this system:

  1. Applications system – We needed to create a step in the application process that would involve partner organizations first, before moving accepted applications on to the registration process, starting with the gateway.
  2. Registration Gateway – Once an applicant was approved, the website needed a way to verify their acceptance before letting them buy a ticket. We also needed to be sure that the applicant’s data—such as a registration code—hadn’t already been used to buy a ticket before.
  3. Sales system – Once an accepted applicant was through the gateway, we needed a way for them to purchase their ticket.

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Self care for troubling times

A few simple hacks for your daily life that’ll help boost your body’s physiological resiliency to stress

This work was originally prepared for HumTechFest 2016. You can download the printable zine here. It’s been cross-posted on our Medium blog at medium.com/good-good-work.

We know we should take better care of ourselves, but…

We bust our asses for our work. We believe in it. So we stay up late, take on too much responsibility, chug coffee from dusk ’til dawn, and ignore our bodies when they start to break down.

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Intro to Awesome Tables 3: Mapping user submitted data with Google Forms

In this tutorial we will learn how to create an online Google Form that feeds data into a Google Spreadsheet which will then be attached to an Awesome Table which will be configured to display the form entries as points on a map. These map markers will have popup tool tips that display other data from the spreadsheet. All of this will be dynamic, updating every time a new entry is submitted. Read more

Intro to Awesome Tables 2: Filterable Senator List with Pictures

In this example we will play with our list of US Senators so that it has a number of filter options and displays their picture in the row. All the data will be managed through our Google Spreadsheet, when the spreadsheet is updated so too will the list, no matter where it is online! You’ll need a spreadsheet with data already setup, which we did in Part 1: Setting up your Awesome Table. Read more

Intro to Awesome Tables: Display Google Spreadsheet Data on Your Webpage

Have you ever needed to share a body of dynamic data with the world? Maybe a list of local representatives and how they pledge to vote on an upcoming piece of legislation. Perhaps you are trying to organize distributed activities across the city and need a way to display them on a map. When it comes down to it, most data can be expressed in a spreadsheet, and you’ve probably worked on plenty of spreadsheets. Have you ever wished you could just share the data on a spreadsheet with your collaborators or the whole world? Have you ever wished you could share all the updates you make as they happen?

Well you can. With Google Spreadsheets and Awesome Tables you have the power to create rich dynamic displays based off spreadsheet which can be added to directly or via online forms. All the data in one place, displayed anywhere on the web, updated in real time!

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