We hear you like design.

Your brand is your story, it’s how you and other people understand your group. It’s about more than just fonts and colors; it’s about communication. We help our clients keep their story straight. We create, update, streamline, and maintain your brand across your websites, social media channels, email campaigns and more.

Give us a call and we can:

  • Help you define & refine your logo and identity assets
  • Set your group’s the tone and voice
  • Give you tools to tell and re-tell your story
  • Design brand protocols for choosing imagery and staying on-message
  • Show you how to use the design process to solve non-design problems
  • Generate all the graphics you’ll need: everything from logos to business cards

Case Studies

The starter pack

Sometimes you just need something to get you started: a simple logo, a website, and a business card. For those times you don’t want to invest a lot of time or money into your design assets. And we get that. As your campaign/project/organization grows, you’re likely to adjust your idea of how you want the world to see you. Heck, you might even decide to change your offerings. But if you’ve spent your entire design budget on something that doesn’t serve you 6 months later, you’ll be stuck. So let’s keep it simple.

Clients just getting going should consider an all-in-one package we call “The Starter Pack”. We’ll cover all the basic needs to get your business/organization/campaign ready for the public. These offerings are bundled together with revisions removed to lower cost and expedite turnaround. It’s a pretty swell deal for the right project.

What’s included

  • One 3-page website
  • Custom logo mark
  • Matching color palette
  • Font pairing on a double-sided business card template


The Starter Pack starts at $2500. Give us a shout if you’d like to upgrade this package with stock photography, social media assets, a brand guide, or rounds of revisions. We sometimes offer add-ons for groups doing good work in their communities.