Doing good work better.

We help groups move from non-collaborative hierarchy to non-hierarchical collaboration so that each person can work from a place of power and together change the world.

— We believe —

We can co-create the world we want to live in.

By being collaborative and non-dogmatic we can discover appropriate solutions for group challenges and cut through the fog of proprietary frameworks.

— We also believe —

Radical cooperation is an antidote for the crises of our time.

The tools and strategies for cooperation are within each of us. To access them, all we need is a little bit of nurturing and a big bit of unlearning. Lucky us, that’s our specialty.

— Take it from them —

Here's what people say.

The proof is in the pudding. Here are some nice people we’ve worked with, and the feelings and thoughts they have about the work we did together.
"Love this style of visioning that includes sounds, tastes, and actual vision rather than the typical 'world more peaceful and just...blah blah'."
"Katie brought great perspective, clarity, and organization to our business startup process."

— Can't I just use software? —

Probably not.

Often a group’s real problems to solve are cultural. Even with good structures, processes, procedures, and tools, people can continue work without building trust, skills, knowledge, or experience. We believe this happens when groups don’t take an integrated, whole-system approach to the structural, cultural and interpersonal dynamics within a group. And we’re determined to fix that.

What does your group need?

  • More effective, efficient decision making
  • Improved collaboration and participation
  • Effective goal setting and achievement
  • Reduced turnover and absenteeism
  • Greater self-sufficiency
  • A more engaged and focused workforce
  • Greater strategic and structural clarity
  • Mission, vision, and values alignment
  • Capacity expansion
  • Happier people

— We're friendly —

Say hello or ask us anything.

We’d love to hear about your group, project, or big dream.