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So you like Javascript?

We’re hiring

It’s that time again! We’re just coming up on our official one year mark in our co-op and — surprise! — we’re growing. Right now we’re looking for a freelancer with some or all of the following skills: javascript, full stack development, front end engineering (whatever that means), and/or system administration.

About our work

You can peruse our website and blog to get a sense of who we work with. Generally our clients are:

  • small to medium sized nonprofits
  • local businesses
  • folks who work in the realm of social change or social good
  • politically oriented, progressive work

What we’re looking for

look at these birds hard at work
Someone with co-op experience or interest would be an ideal fit. And someone excited to learn about co-ops would be great, too. The work we have is currently project by project, but that could change over time. Of course, if it’s a great fit, we’re always open for someone to join us on membership track.

Ideally, for now, we’re looking for someone to whom we can pass all off our development and more technical front-end work. That person would be working with two other developers (a junior and a senior) on a wide variety of projects. They should have plenty of experience in working on their own without the need for a lot of direction. Unpacking that: we don’t have the capacity to collaborate with a junior level developer at this time.


When folks become contributors at the co-op we spend some time building a working agreement. You’d have the ability to shape what that “contract” looks like.

Our commitment to you would be providing a supportive, inclusive, radical space to help other folks do good work in the world. We strongly encourage folks from traditionally under-represented communities to apply. We’ll be giving priority based on a progressive stack.

Sound fun?

If any/all of these things sound up your alley, give us a shout. We’d love to hear from you! Send us a message at hello@goodgoodwork.io. In your email, please tell us:

  • what projects you like to work on
  • what your workflow and style is like
  • your current and near future availability (and time zone)
  • what skills you have and what skills you’d like to gain
  • something obscure about you that really says something about who you are
  • how we can address you/your preferred pronoun